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Book Announcement: The Match:Academic/Applied Psychology And The Chemical Dependence Field

  • 10/10/2018 8:44 PM
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    A Distinctive Approach To The Assessment And Treatment 

    Of Addictions

    It can be truly daunting for those of us who work with people mired in the downward spiral of addiction. Often the tried, but not always true, approaches just don’t work over the long haul. 

    There is a commitment to ideas in all fields that have outlived their usefulness. I don't mean that practitioners and academics have no right to keep those ideas that continue to work well; rather, I am offering a criticism of a conservative movement that has become comfortable with older ideas merely because they have a history." Alfred Borrelli, MA, LPC, LMHC

    Alfred Borrelli’s unique approach to the assessment and treatment of addictions was birthed after five decades of vast clinical experience in psychoanalysis, psychodynamics, CBT, and other therapeutic modalities resulting in a unified theory of the treatment of individuals with both mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders. THE MATCHAcademic/Applied Psychology And The Chemical Dependence Field was written for addiction and behavioral health clinicians who work in the field of substance use disorders.

    Al Borrelli earned a B.A. and M.A in Psychology and completed all but the dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology at the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. He is a licensed LPC and LMHC. He has served full time on the faculty in the Psychology Dept. and served as Division Head of NY Medical College. As such, he supervised graduate counseling psychology students from Columbia University and Hunter College.  He also taught psychotherapy and psychology to psychiatrists at: NY Medical College; UMDNJ (University of Medicine & Dentistry); and Bergen Regional Medical Center. 

    He enjoys lecturing at hospitals and professional schools. Al has maintained a successful private practice for 52 years specializing in substance use disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, and he frequently presents at professional conferences and local and international organizations and has appeared on T.V. as an expert addressing suicide. 

    “Successful Treatment Requires the Right Diagnosis” or as Mr. Borrelli says, “if you can’t see it, you can’t treat it” 

    Al Borrelli is regarded as a master diagnostician by his peers, and he has successfully treated some of their most challenging patients. His discerning diagnostic acumen and teachable assessment skills lay the groundwork for therapeutic approaches founded on evidence-based models of treatment. His book, THE MATCH,offers a fresh new approach to assessment and treatment of these often-recalcitrant disorders. 

    "Al Borrelli …is a true scholar in the field, with an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge in his areas of expertise. From his extensive training in psychoanalytic theory, substance abuse treatment, and EMDR, he has developed a most comprehensive approach to treatment reflective of his deep understanding of human suffering and how best to alleviate it. His passion for his work, compassion, and scientific zeal are inspirational."  Dan Edelman, Psy.D.

    Mr. Borrelli offers new and effective approaches, and has presented evidence for them, because science and scientists move from established facts to established facts, not from stubbornness or loyalty to a tradition. “As with all pursuits, whether academic or applied, an open mind is a prerogative for success.”  

    Alfred Borrelli, MA, LPC, LMHC is available for speaking engagements, workshops, collegial and patient consultations and private referrals. 

    Although he welcomes the opportunity to assess and treat patients, he has an even more pressing need for others to know the approach he employs. In this regard, he would appreciate professionals reading his book, if they wish, and perhaps be willing to write a review –all for the purpose of helping to add to the field’s models of assessment and treatment.

    Most important, when you feel stuck, Al can be reached at alfredborrelli@gmail.comYou can visit his website at http://www.alfredborrelli-emdraddictions.comTHE MATCH  is on Amazon


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