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    Suzanne Drake (Administrator)
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    Although it does not state in the ad what the Center is (not sure why it doesn't), it looks like it was posted by Dr. Merritt Hubsher, who I know uses the abbreviation "merhub" for his name.  I worked for him in his Cedar Knolls practice for a short time, so if anyone wants to pursue this opportunity and wants to know of my experience there I'd be happy to share. 


    If you are thinking of applying, I would be sure you have a lot of experience working with young children and the wealthy parents of young children with psych issues, as these types of parents can present unique psychological challenges for a provider; if these parents are not happy with you, you will not last at that Center, no matter the reasons for their unhappiness with you.  The parent is more your client than the child.  If you have this type of experience already and know how to interact skillfully with such parents already, you may do fine there.  Definitely the cases were very interesting.  But almost everyone who goes there comes in for ADHD, with a lot of adult ADHD, so if ADHD is not really your main focus you may not be totally happy there, either. 


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