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COVID 19 Urgent Call For APNs!  

The Commissioner of Health Judith Persichilli, MA, BSN, RN has reached out to NJSNA. The NJ Department of Health (NJDOH)  is looking for nurses who are able to assist the NJDOH with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We currently have very little information on exactly what will be needed. Opportunities may be volunteer or paid.  

If you are able to assist in any way, please sign up at HERE

Pease periodically check the New Jersey Board of Nursing Website for Nursing Alerts.HERE

New Jersey COVID19 Crisis

Governor's Executive Orders Regarding APNs

Joanne Leone, Executive Director of the NJBOB has released this statement in clarification of the terms of Governor Murphy's latest Executive Order.

Pursuant to EO 112, Governor Murphy has authorized the Division of Consumer Affairs  to suspend and waive statutory provisions that limit the scope of practice of advanced practice nurses. For the duration of the State of Emergency or Public Health Emergency, advanced practice nurses, acting within the scope of their education, training, experience, and competence, are not required to:

  1. enter into a joint protocol with a collaborating physician; 
  2. include the name, address, and telephone number of a collaborating physician on prescriptions or orders; 
  3. review patient charts and records with a collaborating physician; and 
  4. obtain written approval from a collaborating physician in order to dispense narcotic drugs for maintenance treatment or detoxification treatment or to determine the medical necessity for services for treatment of substance abuse disorder.

A message from Donna Gaffney, DNSc, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
Coordinator, Healing Ourselves While Healing Others Webinar Series
Rutgers School of Nursing

As many of you have probably seen in your own practices, the Coronavirus pandemic has left the general public feeling anxious, uncertain and fearful.  However, our colleagues in nursing, whether or not they are on the “frontlines,” are struggling in their clinical settings more than any other time in history.  They are confronted with a patient assignment that is both overwhelming and filled with very critically ill people. The rapid changes in patients’ conditions, ongoing policy and procedures revisions, and inadequate supplies of equipment/PPE further complicate their jobs.  And as you well know, the consequences of the pandemic and the nature of their work impact their personal lives. 

To help our colleagues cope with this very challenging situation, Rutgers School of Nursing will be offering a 7-session webinar series, Healing Ourselves While Healing Others. The sessions will be online and available to the Rutgers nursing community at no charge.  There are plans to offer the sessions to anyone who wishes to attend. The first webinar session will be this Tuesday, the following sessions will be held throughout the rest of the month of April. They will be recorded and available online after the first live session.

If any of you would like to be involved or contribute readings, activities or exercises, please let me know.  However, one of the most important contributions we can make is to support nurses who feel they need to talk to a professional. Furthermore, it is crucial to offer the services of mental health professionals who have a nursing background. More than any other profession, we understand the experiences of nurses fighting the ravages of this pandemic. If you would like to offer 1, 2 or 3 pro-bono sessions for nurses who are struggling in their jobs or in their personal lives, please send me an email ( There will be a resource page for the webinar series with links to your website and/or contact information.



Due to COVID-19 Advisories

our April 25th Annual Spring 2020 Conference has been


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End Of Life Care


The Division of Consumer Affairs (Division) is warning all licensed professionals about individuals impersonating New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) investigators, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, DEA investigators, New Jersey Drug Control Unit investigators, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators, and other law enforcement personnel, as part of an extortion scheme.

The impersonators are contacting licensees by telephone, stating that they are the subject of an  investigation.  The callers are demanding money to clear up the matter, or threatening to revoke the individual’s license.   Please be advised that the Division of Consumer Affairs will not contact licensees by telephone to discuss investigations or demand money.

Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person purporting to be any of the abovementioned individuals seeking money, should refuse the demand.  We encourage you to report the call to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at  You may also report the call to the Division at    READ MORE

Nurse Practitioners & PAs Prescribing Buprenorphine

Section 303 of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), signed into law by President Obama on July 22, 2016, made several changes to the law regarding office-based opioid addiction treatment with buprenorphine. CARA expands prescribing privileges to nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) for five years (until October 1, 2021). NPs and PAs must complete 24 hours of training to be eligible for a waiver to prescribe and must be supervised by or work in collaboration with a qualifying physician if required by state law. The HHS Secretary has 18 months to issue updated regulations governing office-based opioid addiction treatment to include NPs and PAs.ASAM's complete summary of CARA is available here.

Opioid Abuse Prevention

New Jersey is confronting a staggering public health crisis brought about by prescription opioid abuse. On February 15, 2017, P.L. 2017, c. 28, was signed into law, imposing certain restrictions on how opioids and other Schedule II controlled dangerous substances may be prescribed. In response to the new law, the Attorney General and New Jersey's prescribing boards adopted new rules designed to reduce the risk of addiction and the accumulation of opioids in the household medicine cabinets across the State, which are very often diverted for illegal use. Information about those rules, as well as guidance for prescribers and patients on safer pain medication prescribing practices is available here. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: For Advance Practice Nurses Licensed by the Board of Nursing. State law makes it unlawful for a prescriber to issue an initial prescription for acute pain for more than a five-day supply. In addition, the dosage authorized by initial prescriptions for acute pain is to be limited to the lowest effective dose of an immediate–release opioid drug. To better understand how to comply with this limitation and other rule changes, the Board offers the following guidance.

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